July 24, 2011

New FIFA 12 Game Release Date

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The development of video games today are increasingly sophisticated. The game developers see that the gaming platforms that exist today, such as the PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360, already too old. They hope for a new platform that could provide the experience of playing the game look real.

David Rutter, Producer of FIFA game development, said that the real image in a game, has been existing. However, Rutter said, the quality of the game in a video game becomes more important than realizing the perfect picture as real objects.

"I think we were pretty close," said Rutter to the CVG when asked about the picture quality of the FIFA 12 game.

"We did close supervision on this game - I think if you saw someone playing the FIFA from afar, you will not realize that he was playing the game. There are still shortcomings in the shape of the face and stuff like that, but the physical form of the players, lighting and camera settings, all of them when seen from afar looks amazing. "

The developer should not only focus on an aspect. Rutter prefers to deliver a satisfying gaming experience and then add it with the best picture appearance.

"When compared with the real picture, we're getting closer, but we much prefer the experience in playing games. The rest is just supporting aspects. Our team so far has been the focus of work and has had what has become of our goals in the last few years. "In addition to having a good picture, the FIFA 12 provides a wide variety of improvements when compared with the previous titles, with more advanced AI, a new defensive system , dribbling the precision, and others.

The new FIFA 12 game will be releases on September 27, 2011 in North America and September 30 in Europe. The FIFA 12 game will be available in a few platforms, including PC, PS 3, PS 2, PSP, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii or 3DS.


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This games which i really love.....

Well that game is one of the best game I've ever see. the graphics and the play is fantastic. Nice post.

Fifa series is one of my best and i am looking forward to it as well.

I am just waiting for the new games of FIFA 2012, which is going to launch very soon. I think it will be very interesting.

This game is better and better every year. I can't wait to get the 2012 edition. I wish PES improved its mechanics as Fifa has done...

I will never understand why Fifa (and PES, by the way) aren't available BEFORE season start in European major leagues. EPL, La Liga have already started, and we have to wait for a month to play with the latest Fifa edition, including updated teams for seadon 2011-2012 :(

fifa 12 is really amazing...i have tried this...thank to you also....you really submitted the good content

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great information..i like play game.i was playing game when i kid.i will definitely play this game.i really appreciated your effort keep it up.

wow fifa 2012, im waiting for this..

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FIFA 12 is the outstanding sport game to play. The graphics of this game are fantastic. I really enjoy to play this game with my friends.

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Such an amazing game! That sure would add trill than the previous FIFA.

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