New FIFA 12 Game Release Date

The development of video games today are increasingly sophisticated. The game developers see that the gaming platforms that exist today, such as the PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360, already too old

Apple New Mac Mini

Apple Unveils New Generation of Mac Mini

Talk about Apple products is a thing that always appeal to gadget lovers. Like a product that has a high taste, every Apple product present in the market always has a unique design so that their products also have a separate class in the hearts of consumers

JayCut for PlayBook

JayCut Video Editing for Playbook

BlackBerry developer company, Research In Motion (RIM) has purchased a video editing JayCut from the Swedish company and will work on features for tablet Playbook

Mac OS X Lion

Mac OS X Lion Officially Available on Mac App Store

In accordance with media speculation earlier this week, Apple finally launched its new Mac OS X Lion, Wednesday (07/20/2011) local time. The Mac OS X Lion is the latest version of the Macintosh computer operating system that offers more than 250 additional features. This OS is already available in the new Macintosh products, while the old user can download the update on the Mac App Store for $29,99. As reported by the Straits Times, Thursday (07/21/2011)

iPhone 5

New Rumors: iPhone 5 Coming in August

Apple is fond of setting up a puzzle for the latest products that will be released to the market, including the iPhone 5. Widely reported earlier this smart device will be presented on September 5, but other sources say different things

Motorola Titanium

Motorola Titanium Specs, price and release date

The Motorola Titanium first introduced in early May as the successor of the Motorola i1, Sprint announced today that Motorola Titanium will be available starting July 24 for $149.99 with a two-year contract

Android Tablets

Top 5 Best Android Tablets

Competition is happening in the world market tablet, has made the vendors to compete to create something new for their tablets

MobileGo apps for Android Phone

MobileGo apps for Android Phone

The MobileGo apps for Android Phone is an application for android mobile phones that allows users to transfer music, movies and pictures. Simple, just by connecting it to the Desktop PC

Apple iOS vs Google Android OS

Apple iOS vs Google Android OS

A recent report revealed that in the second quarter of 2011, developers prefer the Apple iOS than Google Android operating system (Apple iOS vs Google Android OS)

Google Photovine

Google Photovine Coming to iOS Devices

Google released a photo sharing service Photovine for iOS-based devices. Currently, access to this services is limited only to guests invited. The Photovine applications can be downloaded for free and runs on iOS 4.2

June 20, 2011

Promote Your Company or Your Product through Promotional Pens

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Almost all organizations, companies, schools, hospitals, business, event, commercial organizations and non-commercial use promotional pens as a gift or souvenir.

Why Use Promotional Pens?
Promotional pens is the best way to introduce the world about your product or company. This is one way to accelerate your product, company or school recognized by the public.

By using the promotional pens will be many people who know the brand. This promotional pen technique has been done by many institutions and companies and the results are very profitable for the company or institution. One website that provides services for the manufacture of promotional pen is AmsterdamPrinting. For more information about promotional pens, please visit amsterdamprinting.

BlackBerry Playbook Available Early July

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BlackBerry Playbook
RIM (Research In Motion) announced blakcberry Playbook will be available in Hong Kong in early July 2011. Besides Hong Kong, 15 other countries that will arrival the Playbook around July is the UK, the Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Venezuela, Spain, Germany, UAE, Singapore, Mexico, France, Italy, Indonesia and Colombia.

The BlackBerry PlayBook tablet comes with dual HD cameras, HTML 5 support, 1 GHz Dual Core processor, 1 Gb of RAM memory and 64 Gb of internal memory (available in 3 model choices, 16 Gb, 32 Gb and 64Gb) this target market in addition to business and individual users .

On the same occasion RIM also announced revenue internationally in the quarter increased 67 percent compared to the previous year. Revenue in fiscal 2012 first quarter grew 16 percent compared to the previous fiscal year. The value of this one quarter net income was $695 million.

First fiscal year 2012 revenue was recorded 4.9 billion U.S. dollars, down 12 percent from 5.6 billion U.S. dollar in the previous quarter. However, these revenues increased 16 percent from 4.2 billion in the same quarter last year.

RIM's revenues derived from approximately 78 percent of hardware, services 20 percent and 2 percent of software and other revenue.

In a press release issued by RIM, reported that RIM has launched the BlackBerry Playbook in North America and shipped about 500 thousand units in the first quarter of Playbook. Reportedly also during the first quarter, RIM has shipped about 13,2 ​​million BlackBerry and about 500 thousand Playbook tablets.

June 19, 2011

Google Chromebook Start Sale Next Week

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Google Chromebook
Notebooks with the Chrome operating system made by Google called Chromebook will eventually be available commercially. Chromebook first made by Samsung dan Acer began to be sold on and Best Buy Co. next week.

June 11, 2011

Nintendo Shares Slumped after Unveils the Wii U

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Nintendo Wii U Controller
E3 2011 event held recently was indeed save a few interesting stories. Of the several major gaming titles that finally introduced, motion control technology is increasingly impressive, until the birth of a new console that pioneered by Nintendo. Despite the various criticisms that were presented to him, Nintendo's latest console - Nintendo Wii U is the focus of attention at the E3 2011 event. How could not? With the concept of a unique controller, capable graphics quality, and price (rumors) affordable, the Wii U save huge potential. But apparently this would produce a far different impression of the business.

Nintendo concept of the Wii U did seem a bit awkward. Controller with a super large size, a game that started retell "multi-platform ', and gameplay that conventional back as eclipsing all the advantages possessed by this new console. Nintendo seemed to lose the essence as a family console. With games like Ninja Gaiden and Ghost Recon are present there, Nintendo like showing the world that they are now different. This is what might trigger a downturn in the market economy. Investors see this as something dangerous. The result? Nintendo stocks fell.

Since its introduction at E3 2011, Nintendo's stock fell to its lowest point since 2006. On the first day of the introduction of the Nintendo Wii U, Nintendo have to swallow the price decline amounting to 800 yen from 16,970 yen to 16,170 yen. This continues until the time of this story was written. The decline was the first time felt by Nintendo. In the light, when the Wii and Nintendo DS was introduced, the stock market reacted very positively.

This is also compounded by the level of sales of Nintendo 3DS was not as envisaged. Moreover, Nintendo competitors are, Microsoft and Sony also held a massive campaign and continue to introduce features that should be recognized more interesting.

June 10, 2011

HP TouchPad Release Date July 1

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HP TouchPad Tablet
Hewlett Packard (HP) announced that will soon release a tablet computer called HP TouchPad Tablet in the U.S. on July 1 next.

The HP TouchPad with 9.7 inch display screen which will be launched in Europe a day after it was launched at U.S., will be the first tablet computer that supported with the Palm operating system, after HP bought the company last summer with a price of U.S. $ 1.2 billion.

HP wants to combine webOS Palm software than most smartphone devices to the printer, in order to prove that the company believes there is still room for other mobile software platforms in the market for tablet computers.

WebOS purchased along with the Palm with a price of U.S. $ 1.8 billion and had previously been used for Windows-based tablets, but webOS is a mobile operating system, thus making the TouchPad more like an iPad.

The HP TouchPad price is almost the same as the iPad, with a starting price of $499.99 for the 16GB version and $599.99 for the 32GB version. Apple iPad 2 sold at price of $499 (16GB), $599 (32GB) and $699 (64GB).

HP will begin taking orders next week in North America and Europe before Wi-Fi version of the gadget arrives in U.S. shelves on July 1 and a day later in England, France, Ireland and Germany.

June 5, 2011

New Features In Windows Phone Mango

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Windows Phone Mango
A month ago Microsoft launched Windows Phone Mango. Recently, Microsoft added many features to pamper the user, especially the music service.

WindowsPhone now using podcasts, which can be used to download songs on your PC and then synced to the device. There are many podcasts options available in the Music Hub, and you can listen anywhere. There are also programs offering to subscribe.

Microsoft also imported from the Zune HD Smart DJ, which one of its products is Genius, which produces a list of songs, albums, and artists. Everything is integrated in the Music Hub. If you want to subscribe, you can get a pin into a playlist on the start screen.

In addition, Microsoft also made changes to the Music Hub and the Video Hub. The company provides playback controls that can add to the list of wallpaper, displaying what you are doing recently in the form of vertical, includes controls for video playback and music into a larger size.

Picture albums are also available, preview songs that are lively discussed, and the ability to build playlists manually on the device itself.

June 3, 2011

Sony Ericsson ST18i Urushi Specs

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Sony Ericsson ST18i
This year, until next year Sony Ericsson seems to have prepared some "weapon" for attacking global Android mobile phone market. It is shown from a series of products that had been prepared manufacturer headquartered in London, UK.

One candidate for a new phone that is being developed by Sony Ericsson is ST18, which has the codename Urushi. Seeing the body makeup, Urushi practically as a tiny version of the model that has been circulating in the market, Xperia Arc, where the screen was now limited to 3.2-inch diagonal.

However, although appearing more petite, with a small screen treats as well, according to the source of 'secret' as quoted by GSMarena mentioned that the Sony Ericsson Urushi was present with similar specs with Xperia Arc. Snapdragon chipset is 1 GHz, with Scorpion CPU and GPU Adreno 205.

Based on the data obtained, the display resolution of 854x480 pixels would Urushi. 8 MP camera, which can record 720p video and features LED flash light. Meanwhile, on the software Sony Ericsson ST18i mentioned will run on Android OS 2.3.3 Gingerbread, which has customized the style of Sony Ericsson.

Unfortunately, not yet known when the phone is starting an official release to the market. Let's see its development.

June 1, 2011

Nintendo DS Lite New Price

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Nintendo DS Lite
Nintendo DS Lite is the double sail pocket game console developed and manufactured by Nintendo. The device is lighter than any other Nintendo DS series. The console gaming was first introduced on January 26, 2006.

With console gaming device Nintendo DSi and 3DS are currently on top, Nintendo is now reducing the DS Lite price to be USD99, 99. The DS Lite price will be reduced starting on June 5, a week before the event Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles began. Thus, as quoted by USA Today, Wednesday (01/06/2011).

"Since its launch, Nintendo DS Lite has a place in the hearts of the users because the value of and experience using it," said Reggie Fils-Aime, Nintendo's president for the United States (U.S.).
"This price reduction will certainly expand the market share from Nintendo DS Lite itself," he added.

According to Nintendo, more than 48.9 million DS series devices have been sold in the U.S., since it was first sold in 2004. Nintendo also re-releasing a Mario game for the DS series, including the 'New Super Mario Bros., Mario Kart DS and Super Mario 64 DS.