June 5, 2011

New Features In Windows Phone Mango

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Windows Phone Mango
A month ago Microsoft launched Windows Phone Mango. Recently, Microsoft added many features to pamper the user, especially the music service.

WindowsPhone now using podcasts, which can be used to download songs on your PC and then synced to the device. There are many podcasts options available in the Music Hub, and you can listen anywhere. There are also programs offering to subscribe.

Microsoft also imported from the Zune HD Smart DJ, which one of its products is Genius, which produces a list of songs, albums, and artists. Everything is integrated in the Music Hub. If you want to subscribe, you can get a pin into a playlist on the start screen.

In addition, Microsoft also made changes to the Music Hub and the Video Hub. The company provides playback controls that can add to the list of wallpaper, displaying what you are doing recently in the form of vertical, includes controls for video playback and music into a larger size.

Picture albums are also available, preview songs that are lively discussed, and the ability to build playlists manually on the device itself.


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