May 10, 2011

EA Denies Receive New Xbox Console

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new xbox console
Game developer Electronic Arts (EA) has dismissed rumors that said it had received the privilege 'peek' prototypes successor to the Xbox 360 console.

Develop technology magazine's website indicated that Microsoft is developing a successor to the Xbox 360 console and the prototype has been sent to the EA with the device hidden in your PC.

Although initially did not want to respond to the news, anyway EA finally open your mouth and denied the report. "This story is very contrived, 100 percent not true," as quoted by Develop on Sunday (05/08/2011).

March, sticking speculation that Microsoft is in the early stages of developing a successor to the Xbox 360 a phenomenal success. Speculation that stems from job advertisements Xbox Concole Architecture Group is seeking Graphics Hardware and Performance Engineer. New employee is believed to be responsible to "make the concept and create the next generation consoles" as stated in the ad.

Develop believe Microsoft is working on launching a new console at E3's biggest video game show, next June. It is intended that the Xbox could steal prestige Nintendo Wii 2 reportedly going to introduce at the same time.


I think developers have had prototypes for a while of the Xbox 720

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