May 11, 2011

Global 3D TV Market to Grow 5-fold in 2011

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3D TV Market
3D TV sales globally is expected to grow more than fivefold during 2011, following the fall TV prices and the decision-party manufacturers add features add-on. Similarly, analysis of IHS research firm iSuppli reported by the Times of Oman, on Saturday (05/07/2011).

IHS iSuppli predicts shipments 3D TVs will rise further from 4.2 million units last year to 23.4 million units. In fact, in 2015, shipments of three-dimensional television is suppose to reach 159 million units. At that time, according to iSuppli, 3D TV will be 'responsible' for more than 50 percent of flat-screen shipments worldwide.

At the same time another research firm, DisplaySearch, also predicts that sales of 3D TV will reach 100 million units in 2014 and grew revenue by more than 50 percent.

Furthermore, iSuppli explained that this type of shutter-glass (SG), which became the current standard, gradually will be replaced by patterned retarder film type (FPR). Sales of any type of SG will fall to below 50 percent of the global market 3D television.

Changes in these trends could be a major threat to Samsung, which is currently a leader of the 3D TV market, given the South Korean company that was heavily promoting the use of SG technology. Samsung even involved in fierce competition with Motorola, which currently dominates the SG type, although originally manufactured by Samsung and Sony.


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