New FIFA 12 Game Release Date

The development of video games today are increasingly sophisticated. The game developers see that the gaming platforms that exist today, such as the PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360, already too old

Apple New Mac Mini

Apple Unveils New Generation of Mac Mini

Talk about Apple products is a thing that always appeal to gadget lovers. Like a product that has a high taste, every Apple product present in the market always has a unique design so that their products also have a separate class in the hearts of consumers

JayCut for PlayBook

JayCut Video Editing for Playbook

BlackBerry developer company, Research In Motion (RIM) has purchased a video editing JayCut from the Swedish company and will work on features for tablet Playbook

Mac OS X Lion

Mac OS X Lion Officially Available on Mac App Store

In accordance with media speculation earlier this week, Apple finally launched its new Mac OS X Lion, Wednesday (07/20/2011) local time. The Mac OS X Lion is the latest version of the Macintosh computer operating system that offers more than 250 additional features. This OS is already available in the new Macintosh products, while the old user can download the update on the Mac App Store for $29,99. As reported by the Straits Times, Thursday (07/21/2011)

iPhone 5

New Rumors: iPhone 5 Coming in August

Apple is fond of setting up a puzzle for the latest products that will be released to the market, including the iPhone 5. Widely reported earlier this smart device will be presented on September 5, but other sources say different things

Motorola Titanium

Motorola Titanium Specs, price and release date

The Motorola Titanium first introduced in early May as the successor of the Motorola i1, Sprint announced today that Motorola Titanium will be available starting July 24 for $149.99 with a two-year contract

Android Tablets

Top 5 Best Android Tablets

Competition is happening in the world market tablet, has made the vendors to compete to create something new for their tablets

MobileGo apps for Android Phone

MobileGo apps for Android Phone

The MobileGo apps for Android Phone is an application for android mobile phones that allows users to transfer music, movies and pictures. Simple, just by connecting it to the Desktop PC

Apple iOS vs Google Android OS

Apple iOS vs Google Android OS

A recent report revealed that in the second quarter of 2011, developers prefer the Apple iOS than Google Android operating system (Apple iOS vs Google Android OS)

Google Photovine

Google Photovine Coming to iOS Devices

Google released a photo sharing service Photovine for iOS-based devices. Currently, access to this services is limited only to guests invited. The Photovine applications can be downloaded for free and runs on iOS 4.2

November 23, 2011

7 Tips How to Choose an External Hard drive

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Novatech External Hard drive
The need for large data storage very often arise because of the files that are large with video or audio formats. External hard drive is now a device is needed, especially for those who enjoy collecting songs, videos or any other data that require large storage capacity. With the external hard drive, the need for more storage media is resolved, let alone external hard drive has a Plug & Play system, making it faster, practical and easy to use.

In the market or online computer stores are so many different kinds of brands and variants of the external hard drives, a wide range of advantages offered to the consumer. Sometimes we only consider one aspect in choosing the external hard drive that is "capacity". But there are a few things to note in choosing an external hard drive, the following can be used as a guide before you decide to buy an external hard drive:

1. Capacity
Choose the capacity of external hard drive to fit your needs. Currently, external hard drive has been available for capacities ranging from 40GB up to 2TB, but the capacity will affect the price of the device. If you are a desiner or engaged in video graphics, then you can choose the capacity of 1tb external hard drive. However, if only for storing data with a capacity that is not too large, it is better to choose a medium-sized external hard drive.

2. Hard Drive Rotation Speed
Disk rotation speed is determined by the rate of data and for the hard disk expressed in RPM (Rotation Per Minute). Generally portable hard drive spins at speeds of up to 5400 RPM, but at this time has been outstanding as well as a portable hard drive with speeds up to 7200 RPM. The greater the RPM, then the sooner the process of data transfer. So, it is better to choose a high-speed hard drive.

3. The amount of Buffering or cache
The amount of buffer, representing the amount of memory to be cached, or stored which can be handled by a drive when it awaits the next request from the system. The amount of buffer range from 2MB to 16MB. If the larger size of the buffer, so the more data that can be stored and the faster delivery of data. However, the greater the buffer size is packed in an external hard drive, the more expensive the price of the external hard drive.

4. Recovery features
For the safety data on an external hard drive, it helps if you buy a hard drive that has been equipped with backup and recovery features. The existence of this feature will help you when your files are damaged or lost data caused by several things, one of which is due to a virus. By using the recovery feature, the files that are damaged can be restored.

5. Plug & Play capabilities
Choose the External Hard drive is easy to use. You can try it by plugging the cord into the USB port of the computer and then the external hard drives can be directly used without installing a driver.

6. Casing
Choose the casing with a good material because it will affect the safety of the components in it. Choose a soft casing that is protected from shaking that could make the drive to be frequently in error.

To increase your understanding of how to buy an external hard drive, you can read this external hard drive review.

November 17, 2011

Call of Duty Elite for Mobile Launch postponed

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Call of Duty Elite for Mobile
Activision said it will postpone the launch of the Call of Duty Elite for mobile until the traffic on the network can be added.

Call of Duty Elite is one game that is sure to interest many people. Tracking network statistics / social networking overwhelmed when Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 for mobile version was launched last week with many new players that play simultaneously. Similarly, as quoted by Digital Trends, Thursday (11/17/2011).

The next effort is to bring some games for free services and some other services have to subscribe, it's all back on the slow-moving online. Until now, the website is moving slowly and the content itself is still limited, but every day the website performance continues to increase.

When the creators of Elite, the Beachhead Studios struggle to bring the full version of the this game online, but the speed of the network should also be adjusted to support this game. This is what makes Activision's difficult to make some decisions.

FAQ recently posted a statement of the publisher that answer all common questions of the fans and bring some new information to support the Call of Duty Elite game better.

"At a time when many people curious and eager to play Call of Duty Elite to the mobile version, we plan to release it for the IOS and the Android platform, but we should be able to handle the traffic network and add capacity so that this game can be played well," the FAQ post content.

Google Music Service Officially Launched

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Google Music Service
Google finally introduced the Google Music to the public in the Android event, in Los Angeles last Wednesday. Google Music offers the same price with its rival, iTunes.

Android handset users in the United States (U.S.), can get access to Google Music, who has worked with major music labels, except for Warner Music. This service is not available outside the U.S., because Google has not completed negotiations with record labels, to allow selling songs elsewhere.

Unfortunately, Warner Music not included in the Google Music service, which means that Google will lack the famous names, such as Led Zepelin and Prince, which is available on iTunes.

Google Music comes to offer exclusive content of the Rolling Stones, Coldplay, Busta Rhymes, Shakira, Pearl Jam and Dave Matthews Band.

Reported by the Guardian, Thursday (11/17/2011), analysts say, online music sales can provide an additional revenue of Google. But they reveal, Google needs to make sure Android based mobile devices can match the offerings of its competitors.

Android is an operating system number one in the world, with approximately 200 devices worldwide. But without the music service, Android-based smartphones and tablets may not appeal to consumers looking for deals on media experience.

Google offers more than 13 million tracks from Universal, Sony Music and EMI, as well as a thousand independent labels. "You can buy songs or albums directly from a computer or Android device, and will be directly added to the Google Music Library that can be accessed anywhere," said Google.

Google Music can be used on the Android 2.2 and above. To help jump-start their new music store, Google will offer a free song for consumers who download every day. Google is also trying to increase the power of Google+, the buyer can later distribute music through social networking. That is, other people can listen to the song once for free.

This technology giant also announced that the new web version of the Google Music is compatible with all browsers, including iOS.

Sony to launch Cable TV Service

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Sony Cable TV Service
According to a recent report from the Wall Street Journal, Sony is planning to launch its own cable TV service. This service will use Internet connections to deliver content to the PlayStation 3 and other devices that connect to a TV.

Sony is also reported to have expressed this idea to NBC Universal, Discovery Communications and News Corp. although full details were not informed of the idea. By delivering the content itself, Sony can save the cost of their television operations, which currently are declining condition with respect to the loss of company money every TV they sell.

Sony has not confirmed about this, so maybe we can only wait how far this will go. Whether to bring the company to a better stage or even vice versa.

Nokia Lumia high-end and Nokia Tablet coming in 2012

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Paul Amsellem Head of Nokia France
Paul Amsellem, Head of Nokia France, told a local newspaper Les Echos cited from Mon Windows Phone (My Windows Phone) confirms that the Nokia Lumia 800 high-end being worked on by Nokia and will not take long to be released.

Paul analogize that the Nokia Lumia 800 just like the BMW 5 Series, which means it is a good car, but not the most good. He said there is still a Nokia product that is equivalent to the BMW 3 Series and 7 Series that will accompany the Lumia 800, could have the smartphone is the Nokia 900. Nokia 900 is said to have a 4.3-inch screen, NFC, and LTE.

Paul himself does not say that the Lumia 710 is a BMW 3 Series, which means there may be more mobile Windows Phone lower classes which will be released by Nokia. Rumored Windows Phone Tango can support a lower resolution screen and a QWERTY form such as a Blackberry.

In addition to the smartphones, Paul alos said that Nokia will enter the tablet market by releasing a Windows 8 based tablet in June 2012. The Windows 8 for tablet will work with the ARM architecture and for Nokia is likely to rely on Qualcomm SoC. Because Windows 8 vendors likely will have similar specifications, then the design will be the main selling of the Nokia tablets. Nokia will be making something unique and original so that it can compete with iPad tablet on the market.

Finally Paul says that Nokia's market share in France has fallen far enough, from a previous 25% to 16%. He predicts that the combination of Windows Phone and Nokia will make the manufacturer will reach 22% market share.

November 16, 2011

Kindle Fire 2 release date

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Kindle Fire 2
Amazon reportedly is preparing the release of the second-generation Kindle Fire tablet in the second quarter (Q2) 2012.

According to reports from Apple Daily, Quanta Computer as the largest computer manufacturer in the world, had given orders to begin production of the Kindle Fire 2. As reported by Tech Radar, Tuesday (11/15/2011).

Since Amazon increased its orders for the Kindle Fire, the company recently added one of casing suppliers, Nishoku in the supply chain. According to reports Nishoku will start sending the chassis components at the end of 2011.

The Kindle Fire has just been released in the United States (U.S.), while the launch in the UK is still unknown until now. Something that would be interesting is whether the users in the UK will gain the first-generation Kindle Fire, or have to wait for Amazon launched the second generation simultaneously.

Unfortunately, there has still not been officially announced by Amazon, about the specs of the Kindle Fire 2 and what the fundamental difference between the first and second generation of the Kindle Fire.

Apple Releases iTunes 10.5.1

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iTunes 10.5.1
Apple has released a new version of iTunes. One feature on the iTunes 10.5.1 version is able to scan the user library to find the music and match the existing content on the iTunes Music Store.

Reported by Business Today, Tuesday (11/15/2011), if the music you are looking for matches, then the user does not need to download and can listen to it anywhere. In fact, this software runs fine on any device that running iOS.

Apple, charge for the iTunes subscription of $24.99 per year. iTunes users can store up to 25 thousand songs in Apple's cloud servers. The Cloud service allows users to synchronize files, applications and content between Apple devices.

Unlike Google and Amazon, Apple gain advantage through its partnership with four major music labels. So the company only needs to store one copy of each song on the cloud servers, eliminating the download process for users and 'redundancy' for the server.

The release of this service, apparently also intended to compete with Google Music. In the invitation email sent last Friday, the search giant said it would hold an event called 'These Go To Eleven' on Wednesday in Los Angeles.

Technology news site, Verge reported that it would be a debut for Google Cloud Music services for the first time.