November 17, 2011

Call of Duty Elite for Mobile Launch postponed

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Call of Duty Elite for Mobile
Activision said it will postpone the launch of the Call of Duty Elite for mobile until the traffic on the network can be added.

Call of Duty Elite is one game that is sure to interest many people. Tracking network statistics / social networking overwhelmed when Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 for mobile version was launched last week with many new players that play simultaneously. Similarly, as quoted by Digital Trends, Thursday (11/17/2011).

The next effort is to bring some games for free services and some other services have to subscribe, it's all back on the slow-moving online. Until now, the website is moving slowly and the content itself is still limited, but every day the website performance continues to increase.

When the creators of Elite, the Beachhead Studios struggle to bring the full version of the this game online, but the speed of the network should also be adjusted to support this game. This is what makes Activision's difficult to make some decisions.

FAQ recently posted a statement of the publisher that answer all common questions of the fans and bring some new information to support the Call of Duty Elite game better.

"At a time when many people curious and eager to play Call of Duty Elite to the mobile version, we plan to release it for the IOS and the Android platform, but we should be able to handle the traffic network and add capacity so that this game can be played well," the FAQ post content.


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