November 17, 2011

Google Music Service Officially Launched

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Google Music Service
Google finally introduced the Google Music to the public in the Android event, in Los Angeles last Wednesday. Google Music offers the same price with its rival, iTunes.

Android handset users in the United States (U.S.), can get access to Google Music, who has worked with major music labels, except for Warner Music. This service is not available outside the U.S., because Google has not completed negotiations with record labels, to allow selling songs elsewhere.

Unfortunately, Warner Music not included in the Google Music service, which means that Google will lack the famous names, such as Led Zepelin and Prince, which is available on iTunes.

Google Music comes to offer exclusive content of the Rolling Stones, Coldplay, Busta Rhymes, Shakira, Pearl Jam and Dave Matthews Band.

Reported by the Guardian, Thursday (11/17/2011), analysts say, online music sales can provide an additional revenue of Google. But they reveal, Google needs to make sure Android based mobile devices can match the offerings of its competitors.

Android is an operating system number one in the world, with approximately 200 devices worldwide. But without the music service, Android-based smartphones and tablets may not appeal to consumers looking for deals on media experience.

Google offers more than 13 million tracks from Universal, Sony Music and EMI, as well as a thousand independent labels. "You can buy songs or albums directly from a computer or Android device, and will be directly added to the Google Music Library that can be accessed anywhere," said Google.

Google Music can be used on the Android 2.2 and above. To help jump-start their new music store, Google will offer a free song for consumers who download every day. Google is also trying to increase the power of Google+, the buyer can later distribute music through social networking. That is, other people can listen to the song once for free.

This technology giant also announced that the new web version of the Google Music is compatible with all browsers, including iOS.


Great that Google took this new move too. Well I have heard this new yesterday or a before yesterday and from that time I am wondering as to whether it will be liked by users or not. Because there is something called impact and that is something iTunes has already made. Well, few things are for sure that Apple users are never going to buy this and rare new user will try Google Android. Sometimes I tend to feel that why Google is trying to compete each of tech giants and social giant, Google is best with search engine and email but similarly bad with its other experiments and it has been proven many times. I am a big fan and Google follower but its current moves and steps has made me think and that too don't what.

Google Music vs iTunes...who's gonna win?

I was waiting for the new service of Google that is, Google Music Service since a lot time. Finally Google have launched it. It will be very effective for the Google.

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