November 17, 2011

Nokia Lumia high-end and Nokia Tablet coming in 2012

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Paul Amsellem Head of Nokia France
Paul Amsellem, Head of Nokia France, told a local newspaper Les Echos cited from Mon Windows Phone (My Windows Phone) confirms that the Nokia Lumia 800 high-end being worked on by Nokia and will not take long to be released.

Paul analogize that the Nokia Lumia 800 just like the BMW 5 Series, which means it is a good car, but not the most good. He said there is still a Nokia product that is equivalent to the BMW 3 Series and 7 Series that will accompany the Lumia 800, could have the smartphone is the Nokia 900. Nokia 900 is said to have a 4.3-inch screen, NFC, and LTE.

Paul himself does not say that the Lumia 710 is a BMW 3 Series, which means there may be more mobile Windows Phone lower classes which will be released by Nokia. Rumored Windows Phone Tango can support a lower resolution screen and a QWERTY form such as a Blackberry.

In addition to the smartphones, Paul alos said that Nokia will enter the tablet market by releasing a Windows 8 based tablet in June 2012. The Windows 8 for tablet will work with the ARM architecture and for Nokia is likely to rely on Qualcomm SoC. Because Windows 8 vendors likely will have similar specifications, then the design will be the main selling of the Nokia tablets. Nokia will be making something unique and original so that it can compete with iPad tablet on the market.

Finally Paul says that Nokia's market share in France has fallen far enough, from a previous 25% to 16%. He predicts that the combination of Windows Phone and Nokia will make the manufacturer will reach 22% market share.


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