October 11, 2010

The Glamor of an HP TouchSmart PC

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HP TouchSmart PC is a high-performance computers with entertainment facilities and a touch-screen and is packed with a wide screen high-definition 22". Computers offers a sleek and trendy touch screen facility, equipped with features like a webcam installed, player and CD burner / DVD, light sensor, USB port, FireWire (IEEE 1394), media card reader, and high-quality speakers.

HP TouchSmart PC has touch software package that presents the digital world in your grasp. With one touch you can listen to your favorite music, edit digital photos, or watch your favorite video.

In addition, the luxury design can make the HP TouchSmart Desktop PC as a beautiful interior. One more advantage, operations do not require special expertise.

Well, the latest series of hi-tech touch-screen PC also comes with interesting software HP-Smart Touch 3.0 which strengthens the experience, as well as the user interface of the touch technology in an optimal and complete.

Because it's built-in, HP does not recommend users to do the upgrade, both software and hardware. The warranty is guaranteed for one full year of replacement units in case of things that are not desirable.


tampilan pc ini kayaknya bener2 keren dan fresh, bos. sangat cocok utk dijadikan kompie rumahan.

Didukung desain dan modelnya yang elegan sudah tidak diragukan lagi bahwa PC ini paling cocok.

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