October 14, 2010

Sony Will Launching 3D Laptop in 2011

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Sony as one of the largest electronic companies in the world, will launch a new 3D laptop product in 2011. It was delivered when the IFA Electronics show in Berlin by showing a prototype laptop gaming and 3D video.

This laptop is equipped with 3D buttons and active shutter glasses.This prototype uses serial technology three-dimensional frames are good quality. "It will be launched in the spring," Sony CEO Howard Stinger said in the event.

The laptop will use the IR Blaster technology that is embedded in it to synchronize with Bravia Shutter glasses. The prototype was shown have 16-inch display with a frame of the F series. Looks nice with a 240Hz LCD 3D capability.

Sony is expanding rapidly in the field of 3D technology, including its newest product, the television. Some 3D technology which is also published in the event such as Blu-ray HD DVD player, Playstation 3 gaming console, including several types of 3D such as Major League Baseball, mortal kombat, Virtual tennis, 4, Killzone3 and others.

IDC Analyst firm said “the market of the 3D laptop at this time confined to aficionados and similar products, 3D in general have a long way to go before it becomes mainstream”, Shim said.

The presence of 3D display technology in laptops raises the possibility of third-party 3D application developers. Shim noted this is like eggs and chicken, which the developers would be reluctant to develop things that do not exist or whatnot installed, likely will be solved by tinkering with 3D-based software. Sony has started with the game and suspect other companies are interested in a challenge similar to that platform and began to develop it.

Shim also explains the 3D technology more easily implemented on a notebook rather than desktop or laptop. Since the monitor must have the 3D capabilities such as computers. "I think we all will see all in one pc comes with a 3D look," he said.

Program Director for IDC's Al Hilwa application development, lack of hope at the prospect of 3D technology could increase in popularity throughout the still include the glasses as part of the laptop. "An inconvenience when I have to carry more than one object, a glasses," he said.

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The idea is good and interesting, but the bad part is that you need special glasses.

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