November 5, 2010

The New Mobile Phone is Waterproof, Tradesman

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The development of technology today's has changed everything that is not likely to happen becomes possible. This was proven with a waterproof mobile phone, developed by the Data Select company.

Data Select together with JCB company has developed a device called “Tradesman”. This phone is the successor of the previous generation Toughphone. In addition, these phones can also float on water for more than six hours, and also not easily damaged and are still operating despite having been dragged by a vehicle with a distance of 120mph, or buried in debris weighing two tons.

As presented by the Marketing Director of Data Select, Jason Kemp via Telegraph, "Tradesman is a phone that is suitable for outdoor workers, who often engaged with the rain, sailing, mountain biking, or skiing. The design is sturdy enough to be destroyed," he said.

The phone is priced at £ 70 get about 4,000 orders immediately after launch. Previously, about 50,000 units of Toughphone mobile phones successfully sold. Tradesman phone is still marketed in several countries in Europe.


woahh,, waterproof,, cool,, ^^

Well, this is one thing I'm getting on my wishlist for this year :-)

wow, cool gadget for extreme sports...

<<<< Nokia >>>>
The thing about slide phones is that their flex tend to be destroyed easily. I'd rather stick with touch screens alone

woow, that sounds cool and interesting. I have thrown my phone into water several times. Now i will not be afraid of that.

Waterproof sounds great. I am not sure it is a new technology or produing method. What did special parts change in the phone? Can iphone be waterproof?

I have used nokia before, and dropped it into water. After that I just put it under the sunshine for few hours, it still worked. I am not sure that as the new waterproof mobile phone, it will be better or not.

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his is just great! Well done again Google. However, as others have mentioned nested folder support would be handy as would multiple account sign-in. Good job on the video as well, you guys must have taken some inspiration from the fruit's advertising - have to say, it works :)

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Waterproof, Nice now I can use my mobile in bathroom Also....

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