November 11, 2010

Rumours about 10-inch Galaxy Tab Scattered on the Internet

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The rumor about Samsung will release Galaxy Tab tablets with a size larger than the current version, more heat be discussed after an image of the 10-inch galaxy tab scattered on the internet. Tablets are referred to as a prototype electronic book reader will also be supported by 3G networks. In addition, the panel on these tablets using 1.8 mm LCD size, with resolution of 1.024 x 600 pixels.

Reported by Engadget, Samsung still has not given a statement about the certainty of whether the Galaxy Tab really would be presented with 10-inch size, including when this product will be released. Although previously reported the tablet will be powered by Android 3.5, a version of the Google operating system that probably will not even come out until 2011. But Android 3.0 should come out faster. It is expected that within the first few months of 2011 and is anticipated to become the dominant platform for tablet devices Android-based.

Samsung also previously admitted that some of Android applications on the next Galaxy Tab tablet will not be displayed properly because it runs on a smaller screen. These problems arise because there are applications that can not be run at a resolution of 800x400 pixels. This problem applies only to downloads some third party applications, the entire package of google mobile applications such as Android Market and Maps fully running smoothly.


I don't see the point of releasing one more identical tablet that is just a combination of smartphone and ebook. If it were a real substitute to netbook, I would buy it without hesitation.

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Should be a top class device, with surely a large screen and Android. It should satisfy a great mass of requirements and demands...

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