December 11, 2010

Apple iPad vs Amazon Kindle e-Book Reader

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One of the cable TV channels in the U.S. during November to hold a survey of about 2,800 respondents. Overall the survey participants were asked about the e-reader device they want to buy. And, it turns out the results as much as 48% of respondents are more likely to buy the Apple iPad. Then the other 33% refers to the Amazon Kindle. Then gadgets Nook (Barnes & Noble) just posted a 4% votes. And that's bigger than the touch-based e-reader, Sony Reader (Sony), which is limited to 1%.

For information, Amazon Kindle is a dedicated device for reading the electronic version of a digital newspaper. Thus, the display content that was like a regular newspaper converted into digital models.

In any Apple iPad technology proved better than the Amazon Kindle, which is capable of displaying a variety of color content. In fact, the applications available for Apple's tablet even this claim are more numerous. As a result, not surprisingly, proved to many that tend to be yearning iPad than Kindle.


Nice one here! I really thought that Amazon Kindle is another Ipad version but your article made it clear. Thus, your post thoroughly differentiate the two things which is very helpful. Thanks for sharing the information. Keep going! :)

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