January 22, 2011

iPad 2 will Fitted High Resolution Screen 'Retina Display'

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Second-generation tablet PC from Apple, iPad 2 has been the subject of hot debate in cyberspace. In fact, its presence was reported shortly. However, not many know the detailed specification of this 2 iPad.

Over time, some predict will be the facilities / features that would take too much sticking iPad 2. One sector of the screen (display). As quoted PULSAonline via rafeed, allegedly Apple iPad 2 will embed a high resolution screen, with a density of 2048x1536 pixels. With 9.7-inch diagonal screen, the screen density level about 264 dpi.

But, there are other possibilities if iPad 2 will apply the 'retinal display', which will serve the extra density that is 1536 x 800 pixels. But, the value increased to 326 dpi resolution. When properly iPad Retina Display 2 will use the meaningful resolution of the screen will be doubled from the first generation iPad, which limited to 768x400 pixels (132 dpi)

Berharapa retinal display only news on the iPad 2 is correct, then the second generation of Apple's tablet PC is going to be a very interesting gadget. We'll wait


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