April 8, 2011

Latest Android App Google Maps with Check-in Features

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Andoid Google Maps 5.3
Google presents the latest version of Google Maps for Android, which is version 5.3. In this latest update, Google added some new features, such as Location History services and Check-in features.

Both of these features will connect with Google's Latitude. With these services users can see statistics and trends related to the history of your location, for example, you can see how much you are spending time at home or at work.

Users also can press the Home button to let your friends know that you are on the inside or outside the home. After check-in at home, that location will appear at the top of the list of locations when you're checking nearby.

Another new feature is related to the reviews engine Google . Through this service Google will let you add your own "aspects" of a business - for example, if you have found a restaurant with good live music, you can add that aspect to that place. Google Maps 5.3 is available in the Android Market for devices that run on Android 1.6 or newer.


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