April 13, 2011

Opera Mini Translucent 100 Million Users

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opera mini
Opera Software is also the developer of the browser Opera recently released a fantastic achievement both browsers, Opera Mini and Opera Mobile.

No kidding, Opera claims if the user added the two browsers, Opera Mini and Opera Mobile to 100 million users. The users of Opera Mini, now said to have experienced a significant spike in the number 100 million users.

Party Opera Software through its CEO, Lars Boilesen, it looks quite satisfied with the results achieved, saying "Sweet!".

Just for additional information, the number of Opera Mini users worldwide per month has increased by 11 million since February 2011, doubling from 50 million figure which is celebrated in February 2010.

Page views per day in the Opera Mini also experienced an increase in which the recorded number 2 billion views per day. These achievements double the figure of one billion page views since July 2010.


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