May 13, 2011

GagaVille Coming to FarmVille Game

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zynga GagaVille
Famous female pop singer Lady Gaga and social networking game maker Zynga will work together to bring GagaVille, a special edition of the Farmville game.

Agricultural land in GagaVille, which is a special edition of Farmville, eventually will include motorbikes, sheep, crystals and unicorns. The visitors are scheduled game was launched on May 17, will also be able to listen to secret songs from the album 'Born This Way' Buzzworthy property was released on May 23.

As quoted from Mashable, Wednesday (05/11/2011), sales of the album 'Born This Way' is also bundled in a free-download when users buy a zynga games card for $25 at Best Buy.

In addition, cooperation between Lady Gaga by Zynga also include contests 'Words with Gaga' on the game's Word With Friends Zynga. Then Zynga also will give the user a virtual gift from Lady Gaga on RewardVille which can be used in all Zynga games production.

Cooperation between the two sides is quite large, considering the previously Gaga and Zynga also collaborate to charitable action of the earthquake disaster in Japan in March.

Lady Gaga seems well aware that technological advances can be used to promote, previously Lady Gaga has already partnered with Polaroid to present Polaroid camera a special edition of Lady Gaga.


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