May 5, 2011

LG Will Showcase Mobile and Tablet Prototype MeeGo

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Meego LG
The result of the merger of LG Electronics to MeeGo Handset Working Group will soon be known for some time to come.

Through a conference to be held in San Francisco next May 25 as quoted via sf2011.meego, said that LG will show off a prototype mobile phones and tablet PCs MeeGo creation.

At the conference LG is scheduled to make presentations that will discuss their contributions to open-source projects MeeGo and their experiences after pinning MeeGo 1.2 for some gadgets.

Interestingly again on the show LG will do a demo prototype creation of multiple devices, from mobile phones, tablet PCs, and even in-vehicle infotainment system (IVI), all of which are running OS MeeGo.

Want to know what gadgets were MeeGo OS from LG, we just wait on the game.


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