May 30, 2011

Samsung Demanded Apple to Leaked the Latest iPhone & iPad

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Asus vs Samsung
Action demanded mutual between Samsung and Apple has not ended. Now Samsung urged Apple leaked the latest product from the iPhone and iPad line to prove it does not infringe the patent Cupertino-based company.

Requests Samsung is related legal war between the two companies that began last April when Apple claims the Galaxy product line and design of Samsung's technology mimics the iPhone and iPad.

No thanks to these allegations, Samsung also reply to sue Apple has violated five patents to them. Samsung sent a separate suit in which two patent infringement allegations made in Tokyo, while three others filed in Mannheim, Germany.

As reported by Reuters on Monday (5/30/2011), Samsung now asking Apple to show the final version of the iPhone and iPad their latest product, the iPhone 5 and iPad 3, to assess whether there is a similarity of design and technology with their own new products. Samsung urged Apple to deliver product samples on June 13.

Responding to this demand, a spokesman for Apple in Seoul, Steve Park, declined comment.


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