May 29, 2011

Sony Reduces NGP Specs

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Sony NGP
Sony rumored to be making a massive reduction in the specification of their new game console called the Next Generation Portable (NGP).

This reduction of course will make the NGP is doubtful as a console gaming's most sophisticated and clever in its class. What else is going to get trimming offal in the NGP, as originally kapasitan 512MB RAM, now even rumored to only 256MB.

Launched by TG Daily on Sunday (05/29/2011), Sony will also reduce the internal memory of the 16GB becomes smaller. But for the graphics card memory stick with 128MB capacity.

But clearly the final version of the console will start to be exhibited at the Electronic Entertainment Expo events, June 7, 2011 at the Los Angeles Convention Center, the United States.

Later, this device has a touch-panel on the front and touch-pad in the back to allow the player pressing machine when I want to move the picture. There was also a regular button and switch to complete the keypad to simplify the process of playing games.

Sony is also providing third-generation wireless connection and wifi to access social networking while playing the game or to download directly. The screen size of five inches with OLED technology that can deliver quality images and good color. Even four times better than the previous PSP.


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