July 4, 2011

Sony PlayStation 4 Release Date in 2012

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Sony plans to prepare new game console platforms, the PlayStation 4, justified by the two partners in Taiwan. Sony was allegedly going to start producing late next year and the planned release date in 2012.

The claim was made by the component manufacturers from Taiwan, Foxconn and Pegatron Technology which assembles the PlayStation 3. Both companies are reportedly also be responsible for assembling the PS4.

As reported by DigiTimes, Monday (07/04/2011), Sony will prepare at least 20 million units for the initial shipment of the PlayStation4, next year.

Discourse about the PS4 production was revealed by the media as well as Sony Vice President Financial Officer Masaru Kato revealed the plan on a conference call with investors, last May.

When asked to explain the research and development costs are bloated, Masaru claimed increased costs were used for the successor to the PS3. "We've started development for the next platform, but I can not discuss the launch plans. So the costs used for that platform," said Masaru

However, a statement Masaru contrary to the utterance of Chairman Sony Computer Entertainment Kaz Hirai several months ago that a Japanese company has not thought about the PS4 or the latest generation of gaming consoles in any form.


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