October 20, 2010

Advanced Computers with eDNA, can Repair Itself

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Development of technology nowadays, has made everything impossible becomes possible. Currently, a team of researchers from University of Denmark is developing a computer that can repair itself.

In their design, computer has the ability as humans to repair itself. The ability of human beings with the regeneration process, became the inspiration for the research team to create this platform. This means that the computer is basically has the ability to repair the physical damage.

If a damage is found, backup resources directly used, assign pending tasks to other parts of the network. Jan Madsen, head of the research team, said this new technology called "electronic DNA" or "eDNA".

This computer does not require the CPU because this computer will be equipped with lots cells (eCells). These cells receive 'eDNA-frequency', which programmed the functions and tasks required. If one of these cells die, other cells will take over the task.

In the computer system is more stable than the computer normally. That's because the whole system was not dependent on one single CPU.

According to Berlingske Tidende newspaper, NASA has shown great interest in the project. NASA estimates that this technology can be used in making sure their equipment will not die in the middle of the mission. Currently, the project is being tested by NASA at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, USA. The test results will be released in November.


Looking at the all the technologies & what's happening in this era,this is expected! Even i'm waiting for this one,haha

The fast track of advancement in computer technology is really amazing. I hope this innovation eDNA will really work to everybody's advantage. I'm way down below in wisdom about all these technology information but I wish I would have at least a working knowledge like most bloggers do. Keep sharing. Thanks!

Wow what a great day for computer users that will be when this technology comes into existence on a computer you purchase!

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