October 19, 2010

HP Pavilion DM3-1129TX: Lightweight, Simple and Elegant Notebook

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One of the problems often faced by the owners of a multimedia notebook is the weight of the notebook is quite heavy. This makes it difficult to take a trip. Not surprisingly, many of which eventually agreed that mobile multimedia devices are actually quite distressing. Fortunately some manufacturers are now designing a multimedia notebook that is lighter (although some components such as optical drives had to be sacrificed). This is what happens on Pavilion DM3-1129TX Series from HP.

Basically DM3 series is a notebook 13"are prepared to support multimedia activities but still be as light as possible. Its thickness is awesome (less than 4 cm when closed). In addition, the reduction of the DVD-RW make its weight less than 2 kg. This makes it suitable for handling various mobile activities. But HP still includes an external optical drive devices for users who need them.

Pavilion DM3 has aluminum chassis. The impression elegant look through glossy aluminum trim along the edge of the notebook. In this part entrenched various I/O ports and ventilation holes that make it look full. Multimedia support visible on the availability of an HDMI port and Altec Lansing SRS speakers on the front.

The keyboard and touchpad was no less exciting with the impression of a minimalist but intuitive. Function keys (F1-F12) combined with a navigation shortcut. But by default the 12 keys function are shortcut buttons for brightness, sleep, display, lock, and multimedia. Consequently, if we want to close applications with Alt-F4 combination, you should press the Fn key to activate the keys function.

Although a lot of notebooks equipped with Intel processors such as i3, i5 and i7, DM3-1129TX still uses the Intel Core 2 Duo SP9300 2.26 GHz (which is not so new but still quite steady for mobile computing). For graphics, this notebook using GeForce chips G105M is slightly more stable than the onboard Intel 4500HD. Armed with this concoction, Pavilion DM3-1129TX clear competitive enough compared to the notebooks CPU-based i3-M330 (including the battery resistance is quite durable to be used almost around 5 hours).


Your article was very informative. Currently I am looking for a small portable computer but have no idea what to get. You might write an article on how to choose a first computer. From the standpoint of a newbie. (I use one at work but never bought one before.)


Many users will be looking at the "HP Pavilion DM3" for the advantage of a lightweight laptop.

Good information.

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@iTwirl: Thank you for your suggestion friend....:)

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