October 18, 2010

E-Display Technology Makes the Display Brighter

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Researchers at the University of Cincinnati has developed a new technology called E-Display (Electronic Display). The breakthrough is expected to maximize the brightness of the screen to be easily readable, while significantly reducing power consumption compared with existing devices.

UC together with their partners namely Gamma Dynamics, Dupont and Sun Chemical developed a display technology after seven years of work.

Gamma Dynamics President John Rudolph said that the breakthrough was even more impressive when realizing that similar research efforts elsewhere has lasted a decade without achieving the same results.

Lead researcher Jason Heikenfeld able to solve the obstacles inherent in this technology. "What we've developed to break down significant barriers to electronic display devices are brighter but does not require excessive power consumption," he said, as reported by TG Daily, Wednesday Oktober 13, 2010.

According Heikenfeld there are two types of electronic devices is the limited functionality and slow speeds but requires little power to operate. Examples of this type of device is the e-readers like Kindle.

There are also devices such as mobile phones, laptops and IPAD. This device provides high-quality color and high-speed capabilities for video, but they must use much more power consumption.

The best thing about the new advances may be the fact that e-display technology can be produced with current facilities and equipment that has been used previously. So develop E-Display can be made without having to build all new plants and equipment.

These developments will change the display technology in a variety of handheld devices. Kindle capability will be enhanced and smart phones as well as the iPad will require less power, and also the screen can be read even in bright sunlight.

TG Daily


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