October 17, 2010

Windows Phone 7 Finally Launched

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After waiting for some time, Microsoft finally launched Windows Phone 7 for the first time in New York. At the event was also accompanied by the introduction of smart phones that contain nine brand-new platform.

There are four vendors who participated in the event are HTC, Dell, LG, and Samsung. Each of the vendors showing their products are planned to be sold to the U.S. market and Canada starting next month. In addition to the nine product, there is also a model from Dell which is intended exclusively for the UK market (United Kingdom). That is, there are ten new Windows Phone 7 is ready to compete.

The existence of the four vendors in the Windows Phone 7, delivers superior to Windows Phone 7 both of the brands and models so that provide more alternatives for consumers to choose the appropriate phone with pockets and tastes.

The following are the ten of Windows Phone 7:

1. LG Quantum

2. LG Optimus 7

3. Samsung Focus

4. Samsung Omnia 7

5. HTC Surround

6. HTC HD7

7. HTC 7 Pro

8. HTC Trophy

9. HTC Mozart

10. Dell Venue Pro




Hi man I like your writing style, keep up the good work.... thanks

Windows phone 7 are very popular by their design. But these phones are costly, not in the reach of a common man.

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