October 16, 2010

The Largest 3D HDTV in 2010: LG Infinia 72LEX9

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Recently the market of 3D HDTV surprised with the presence of the largest size of HDTV at this time. The device is presented by leading vendors from South Korea “LG”, and brought the size 72 inch on 72LEX9 series. This size is the largest among the HDTV which was released commercially around the world.

So far, the largest size for 3D HDTV is owned by Samsung through UN65C8000 series with 65-inch diagonal size. However, the position will be occupied by rival compatriot ie ‘LG’ through 72LEX9 series. Besides having an impressive size, the device from LG also has many advanced technologies such as full-LED backlight, 480Hz True Motion panel, DLNA support and features such as Web TV service broadcaster of Korea, YouTube and Google's Picasa.

In addition, there are some features that would spoil the user to enjoy the uniform picture quality and Spot Control Technology to access files stored on a digital network devices. The device is planned will be available for the second quarter of the next year. The launch of 3D HDTV will be carried out if the LG does not have barriers. However, until now LG has not announced official pricing for The Largest 3D HDTV in the world's.

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I cannot believe how quickly absolute everything is getting. HDTV is now the norm and talk of 3D TV is already all over the place.
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thanks...your blog give me more inspiration...

After this what more can they think of or invented, with this size, you will never want to go to a moviehouse. lol.. thanks for following, done the same.

gan link udah di pasang di blog ane...thx

ual cara! que tv linda, se bem que achei a modelo bem mais! Seu blog é bem legal e bonito, vou conectá-lo mais vezes.

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