October 16, 2010

Unique Mouse with 14 Programmable Buttons

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SteelSeries launched a mouse "Cataclysm" to celebrate its expansion to the whole world. This mouse has 14 buttons that are programmable, which can handle 130 commands and the ability to store 10 characters profile in the software and the mouse itself.

MMO gaming mouse from SteelSeries also support for Mac and software in it also controls the LED lights are lit on the back of the mouse, with 4 different lights. In other words, this mouse has an interesting lights and looked radiant. MMO Gaming Mouse is priced at $100 USD.



This mouse sounds incredible. I hope that it is not too expensive and will become widely available. Very good post!

Acctually I really like this mouse but not for its price...:)
I also hope that the price can be even cheaper.

Good information. Excellent blog.

Good design! Very good post and blog.

I still have a hard time programing my DVR, a 14 programmable mousse with 130 command?
I can imagine the guide that comes with it must be a college course...hahhah
Thank you for your post.

Wih mantap..yg koment orang luar semua...cm ane yg bkan bule (^_^)..
ane mw confirm klo link blognya udah d backlink.

The mouse looks awlsom, but i get unwanted clicks when a mouse only has a couple extra buttons. This one looks like you could look at it without a button being acidently pressed. :>)

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