October 23, 2010

DoTA 2 Coming Soon in 2011 which has been Officially Carried by Valve

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Good news for those of you DOTA lovers. Reportedly DoTA 2 will be released in 2011 which has been authorized by Valve. Valve has officially announced the DoTA 2 is planned to be present in 2011. Valve promises, the basis of the game will not change much compared to DoTA are now popular.

In the DoTA 2 will be included all heroes of DOTA-AllStars. Likewise with all the upgrade path, item and skill will remain in DoTA 2.

One that will distinguish DoTA 2 with previous versions seen on the Source engine used. Like the graphics upgrade, and also the voice chat.

DoTA 2 is scheduled to attend for PC and Mac in 2011. This game will be released in retail, with many new features.


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