October 26, 2010

Tips for Keeping Your Laptop’s Battery Life

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One of the advantage of a laptop compared to PC is easy to carry anywhere. But the advantage would be in vain if the laptop battery is often 'drop'. Not infrequently, many laptop users upset because of weak batteries, and forced to carry a spare battery to support the performance of laptop.

It is ideally a laptop battery can be used for at least two hours, but there are a few tips that can help you to increase battery performance, so the laptop battery to be more durable. The first step should note the display on the monitor of your laptop, the more light the display screen so the energy required will be even greater. To reduce battery consumption should reduce the level of brightness on the display.

Next step is by stopping the wireless signal or Bluetooth when not in use. Wi-Fi network connection that works continuously can drain the battery energy. In addition you can also set up the power management on your laptop. If you are using Windows XP operating system, select "Control Panel" then select "power options" and select "performance and maintanenance".

Another thing to consider is how to charge laptop battery. Keep laptop is switched off when you recharge the battery. And if the battery is fully charged, then you should immediately remove the battery adapter for the battery is not experiencing an overload.


This is very helpful. I will turn down the brightness to help save the battery on my laptop. I wonder if it is good to leave my laptop plugged into ac power most of the time. Should I let the battery run down sometimes?

I think you also have to use the battery because the electric current that flows into a laptop sometimes unstable, except if you use a stabilizer or UPS

Very helpful and I think that screen saver also can diminish the life time of the battery.

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