October 26, 2010

iPhone 4 coated with the Diamond Became the Most Expensive Phone in the World

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The sophistication wrapped in luxury makes the iPhone 4 mobile phone covered with more than 500 diamonds intersect perfectly with the content of 100 carats as the most expensive mobile phone in the world. The price makes stunned, iphone 4 wrapped in diamonds is priced at £14,995.00.

The phone is adorned with a single piece of 7.4-carat pink diamond and rare pieces of eight-carat diamond. The back of the phone is gold plated and the Apple logo with 53 sparkling diamonds.
The phone is also equipped with a protective box, which is made from a single piece of pink granite rocks typical of the kingdom, as well as coated grain Nubuck leather.

This phone has a high price because diamond wrapped in a very rare and hard to find. diamond like this usually has a long history.

Stuart Hughes


if I have enough money, I want to have one

Good article, like the specific details.How much is this phone in American dollars?

All the best - Maxi

from the information I've read about $19.500

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