October 28, 2010

HP Launched New Mobile Phone System WebOS

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To perfection and convenience users, the company Hewlett-Packard (HP) launched a new version of the WebOS 2.0. This system is an upgrade of the mobile operating system developed by Palm, smartphone provider that was acquired by HP earlier this year.

HP said the first devices to run WebOS 2.0 will be a new Palm smartphone Pre 2. Pre 2 is the first Palm phone processor with one gigahertz (GHz) and features a 5-megapixel (MP), with a touch screen and slide-out keyboard. Pre 2 was already becoming available on Friday (22/10) in France. After the latest phones from HP subsidiary is scheduled to be available in the United States from Verizon Wireless and in Canada in the coming months.

Palm WebOS was released in June 2009 ago, launched a mobile handset using the operating system such as Palm and Palm Pre Pixi. Penjulan cell phone received positive reviews, but their sales did not reach the target. HP took the initiative to buy the Palm company in July this year, by issuing about $ 1.2 billion. HP then saw a gap in the operating system WebOS as an ideal platform to be developed with its own mobility strategy.


Are HP's mobile phones or so to say latest mobile phones as good as their laptops?

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