October 28, 2010

The Fastest Processor NVIDIA Tegra 2

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Some time ago, Nvidia announced that Tegra 2 product has reaped success in the market. According to the reports, Nvidia has reach a number of lucrative orders for Tegra 2 processors.

Tegra 2 plan will be used in tablet PCs are designed by various top-class industry, such as Asus (10-inch Eee Pad), Dell, Samsung, Micro-Star International, and Toshiba.

Tegra 2 is also scheduled for the latest generation smartphone manufactured by Motorola, LG Electronics and Asus.

Nvidia Tegra 2 have achieved gains in the market which mentions a total of 50 smartphones and tablets, with volume projected to eventually reach one million units.

Here are the specifications of the Tegra 2:
- Mobile dual-core (ARM Cortex-A9) CPU.
- Web browsing speed 2 times faster.
- 5x faster in running a game.
- Support HD 1080p.
- ULP GeForce GPU.



wow! I don't even know what this is and what it is for...lol I ll check it out.

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You always find interesting information!

Good article - lots of detail.

Nvidia is all I use in the Dell PCs in my home office.

All the best - Maxi

@Red : Thank You...:)

@Sibel: NVidia Tegra 2 is a processor from Nvidia's products and used as a processor on a tablet PC and smartphone.

@Nonoy: Thank you, I visited your blog too.

@DS.Utomo: Thank You, I commented on your blog too.

@Richard: Thank you.

@malone8: I also use products from NVIDIA.

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@wlagodoy: Thank you friend, I followed your blog already...

Looks cool and sounds, ehum great. I say "ehum" because I am not too familiar with processors and how they work :-)

Processor is a description of a class of logic machines that can execute computer programs.

for more information about the processor please read here:
- http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_are_the_functions_of_processor
- http://www.pcauthority.com.au/News/231536,understanding-smartphone-processors.aspx

Nicely written product review! Interesting to the geek in me.

I have had all sorts of problems with my Nvidia video card in my new computer. Through no fault of my own I have had to replace my video card 3 times in just over a year. To me indicates that Nvidia has cheaped its products, or is no longer doing any sort of quality control of testing of products before they are sent to computer manufacturers. I certainly will avoid this company's products in the future. They didn't even offer to pay for the shipping of these video cards to me or the returning of defective cards to HP.

Thank you for reading my blog. I know absolutely nothing about computers and what not, I guess I'll learn a lot by reading yours.

Take care!

Purple Carrots and Fairy Smoke

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