October 12, 2010

Racing Game DiRT 3 will be Released in 2011

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Codemaster finally announced their racing game project for 2011.At first, many who predicted that the year 2011, Codemaster will release a sequel to their racing game, GRID. However, beyond expectations, it turns out Codemaster choose to continue their popular rally game series, DiRT, through the sequel, entitled DiRT 3 (also known as Colin McRae: Dirt 3 in Europe).

DiRT 3 will display more rally car than its predecessor. No fewer than 50 cars, ranging from classic rally cars to the newest, prepared by Codemaster to accompany the lovers rally in enjoying this game. In addition, Codemaster also prepare more locations, track, and also the route that can be explored in this game. In fact, promising Codemaster DiRT 3 will have twice as many tracks rally than DiRT 2. Unfortunately, only limited given that leaks Codemaster for this game.

Information available on the Codemaster website mentioned in 2011 as the release time of this game, without any official release date. For additional information, this game will be available for 3 major platforms, PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3.


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