October 12, 2010

Make a Backup of Windows 7 Into a DVD

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Backing up Windows 7 to the DVD may be a solution for those who have limited disk space to store backups. Also, if you still have a damaged hard drive backups on a DVD.

How to backup Windows 7 into a DVD, almost the same as backing up Windows 7 to the hard disk. The difference is only in the voter drive backup storage. To do backups to DVD, of course things to prepare is a blank DVD and an optical drive that can burn a DVD (DVD Burner). However, you need to consider is the capacity of DVDs. Generally the capacity of DVD is approximately 4 GB and 9 GB. So you have to adjust the size of files to be backed up with a capacity of blank DVD that you use.

If everything is ready, follow these steps to backup Windows 7 into a DVD:

1. Insert a blank DVD into the DVD drive.

2. Open the Control Panel. In the item System and Security, click "Backup your computer".

3. Next, click "Set Backup" and Backup Wizard window will appear.

4. On the first wizard window, select the DVD drive of your computer and click Next to melajutkan.

5. Then select "Let Windows choose (recommended)" and click Next. By choosing this option Windows will determine what is backed up in accordance with the capacity of your DVD. If you want to determine what will be backed up, select "Let me choose".

6. Next, click "Save settings and run backup" to start the backup process.

7. The backup process will begin. Wait until the backup process is complete. The time it takes the backup process depends on the size of the file to be in the backup.

Windows 7 backups to a DVD has been successful. You can use this backup to restore important files that exist in your windows 7.


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