November 1, 2010

Asus will Launch a Tablet Based on Windows and Android

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Asus is preparing to launch a tablet that plan will be based on Windows and Android. These tablets will use x87 ARM-based processor that will be available in various shapes and sizes are 7-inch, 9-inch, 10-inch to 12-inch.

According to DigiTimes, The 12-inch tablet will be called Wintel and will be launched in January 2011, while two other models are 7-inch and 9-inch is expected to be launched in March 2011. On the 7-inch model will be equipped with WiFi support, while others will support 3G features.

One of these tablets is a 9-inch tablet will be equipped with Tegra 2 processors from NVIDIA and using Google's Android operating system. Another 9-inch tablet will run on Windows operating systems with Intel chips.


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A tablet based on windows and android is for sure an advantage for the product, since windows and android OS are proven effective. Asus tablet is worth waiting every time they releases new one.

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