November 1, 2010

Tips to Make Your Computer Run Faster

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Sometimes we find our computer is running slow, and we do not know what is causing the problem. Maybe some of you immediately took it to a computer repair shop because do not know what to do to fix it. Actually you don’t need to spend money if you know how to fix it.

Well, to solve this problem here are some tips to make your computer can run faster as usual:

  1. The first thing to do is make sure that your computer is protected and free from all kinds of computer threats like viruses, malware, and spyware. This can make your computer run slow if your computer has been attacked by one of these computer threats. To prevent this, make sure your anti-virus is always active and always up to date.
  2. When the computer turns on, there are a few of the programs that will run automatically. It also can make the computer run slow. These programs are usually not visible on the screen of your monitor because it runs behind the scenes. To view these programs, open the "Task Manager" by right click on the bottom-bar and select "Task Manager" or press "Ctrl + Alt + Del" simultaneously. Check the box "Show processes from all users" to display all processes running on your computer. You can turn off some programs that you don’t want to run on your computer and click "End Process" to turn it off. By reducing the number of programs running on the computer, it will save the use of memory.
  3. The last thing is check your computer's registry. If there is a registry of damaged then it could make your computer run slow. Therefore, the registry should be repaired again. Because some people might not be too familiar with the registry, then you can download the free registry scanner from the internet. Then run the registry scanner to scan your computer registry. Once completed, then restart your computer and you can see the results.
  4. If the problem still not resolved, then you should reinstall your operating system.


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