December 31, 2010

USB LED Beverage Cooler: Mini Refrigerator with USB

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What will happen if when we are busy working those struggling with the computer, but not available a refreshing cold drink. When that happens, of course, we will go to the nearest store to buy a soft drink, both cans and bottles. But how long it usually for drinks stay cold? Longest 30 minutes of drinks packaging is gone freshness.

With the creation of digital devices that enough to help the needs of humans, it appears that we do not have to worry about it. Have you ever know if there's a portable refrigerator that was created for fans of soft drink. The answer is a USB LED Beverage Cooler, ie, the cooling device by relying on power from the USB port made by Newo Coproration USA.

Dimensions rectangular box 9.2 x 5.9 x 4.2 inches, weighs 1.5 pounds, Like a refrigerator, but can only be filled by one standard-size soft drink. As the cooling seems this tool does not require Freon, but the blue light glowing on the inside of the source.

At the bottom lies a filter that regulates retasan that condenses water from the cans. Safe enough for the size of digital devices that come into contact with the liquid. Of course, all of which must be operated carefully according to its function.

With this tool capitalize, it appears that we are struggling in front of the computer center, no need to go back and forth to the kitchen or the refrigerator just to enjoy the freshness of softdrink. Adequate solution can be considered. Only by 200-250 thousand dollars of this tool is available in stores gadgets and computer stores.


I am very grateful for this post because I so know how the specs on this product
thanks for share

I thing it good product soon reach the market
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Hi could u plz help me by telling me how it works exactly and is it available in India

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