January 1, 2011

Aluminum Sound Tube mp3 Speaker Gadget

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For us who liked the music there seems no harm in trying this one portable device, dubbed Aluminum Tube Sound mp3 speakers, because it's made of tubular aluminum to accommodate the function of sound through speakers embedded in it.

Needless to large dimensions to get sound qualified. Although small, this tool is to generate sound booms sound like analog. For a principled "big is better" seems to be sort forehead as he heard the sound produced sound of this portable.

With a size no bigger than a mobile phone charger is capable of being a storage device as well as the speaker for devices that require external speakers. With the back of the mengakomodari session key players, such as stop, fast, and play as well as dedicated storage microSD and micro USB type, just to be a fun entertainment tool.

Seconded by a battery charger, this tool is also capable of playing mp3 features of course, after connected. In addition to connect with MiscroSD this tool to connect with any devices such as mobile phones, ipod, or iphone, even though computer. Because of the size of a mini, we can enjoy our favorite songs rebound with enough jarring sound while riding a bicycle for example.

To get it simply go to the stores that sell compact digital devices, such as the store computer or mobile phone shops. The price range offered is about $350-400.


* mini compact speaker with great sound
* Able to maximize bass perfectly
* Serves as an mp3 player, and supported by a battery charger (mini USB)
* The ingredients sound alternative that can be connected with the iphone or ipod
* Able to operate for 12 hours nonstop with optimal charging Charge for 6 hours
* Able to accommodate up to 8 GB capacity microSD
* Equipped belts and adapter (breket) bicycle


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