January 3, 2011

Pionner HDJ-1000: Reliable, High-Tech and Luxury

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Pionner Electronics, through its Professional Sound and Visual Division, recently launched a quality headphone with HDJ-1000 titles. This gadget will be sold in limited editions.

Headphones are intended for the DJ (disc jockey) offers sound quality that is really reliable. Also, the HDJ-1000 presents quite trendy design. Headphones Pioners offers two color choices are black (HDJ-1000-K) and golden color (HDJ-1000-G). In addition, there is also a model with original chrome color shades. As a result, both models through sophisticated Pioners headphones HDJ-1000 is also going to look luxurious. Also, comfortable.

The Headphone are available at a price of about $209.


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