January 5, 2011

SmartFish ErgoMotion Laser Mouse Free to be Moved, Comfortable and Healthy Used

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For those of you who used to dive in front of computer devices, you could say the device could not be separated from the mouse. In fact, although the majority of notebooks are equipped with a touchpad that can function like a mouse only with finger movements, still often require devices 'rat' is.

Convenience factor is a major issue, which use a mouse feels more comfortable and flexible than using the touchpad. Well, kind of mouse are many kinds and varieties. One of the functional mouse homemade SmartFish Technologies, ErgoMotion Laser Mouse.

ErgoMotion Laser Mouse offers a mouse with a high comfort level, where these tools are designed to move freely according to hand movement. As a result, the wrist became more comfortable and natural.

SmartFish manufacturers have begun to sell these products to the market. ErgoMotion laser mouse is claimed as the first mouse that apply the concept of a combination of laser sensors with rotating mechanism, adapted to the user's hand position.

In addition to the comfort level that okay, this Smartfish besutan mouse also has benefits in terms of health, which is believed to relieve pain from injuries due to the use mouse in the long term.

According to Drs. Jack Atzmon, one of the top brass SmartFish, static when using the mouse then the hand, wrist and arm movement is limited to a fixed position. So that would restrict natural motion and robotic forces. Impact, stretching muscles and ligaments also occur, which can cause pain and discomfort.

ErgoMotion Laser Mouse has two main buttons ie 'scroll whell' four directions and a USB wireless receiver. In use, the mouse SmartFish is compatible with PC and Mac. Prices start from $49.95.


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