April 26, 2011

Google admits Android Collect User Data

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Not long after sticking the news of the data collection Android-based phone user's location, Google as the owner of the operating system was publicly admitted the truth of the news.

After doing research using the HTC Android phone, a leading analyst Samy Kamkar found that these devices take data location and mengirimkannnya to Google several times each hour.

Now, a Google spokesman admitted that the Mountain View-based company was indeed a 'reconnaissance' of users. But it was done for the sake of services such as maps, search for shops or restaurants as well as studying the traffic on some streets.

"The phone knows your location, and it is necessary for the various services we offer,"said Google spokesman Mike Nelson, as quoted by Computer Business Review on Monday (4/25/2011).

"All the features of sharing your location on Android can be controlled by the user. We provide notification and control for the collection, use and share options for the location we can offer a higher quality mobile experience on Android," added Nelson again.

"All of location data that is sent back to the Google location server is anonymous and can not be traced to a specific user," he concluded.

Before Google, Apple gadgets giant surprise after it emerged that millions of users with the iPhone device can collect their location data. The news immediately provoked strong reactions from various communications regulator of the world, including South Korea which is committed to conduct an investigation against Apple. But until now Apple has not provided comments related to the news.


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