April 25, 2011

South Korea Will Investigate iPhone Data Collection

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iPhone Data Collection
South Korea's communications regulators to investigate immediately related the news that Apple Inc. iPhone device secretly collecting location data of users.

Bloomberg reported on Monday (04/25/2011), Korean Communications Commission has asked Apple how often the collection and recording of data was performed. They also questioned whether the user can choose to save or delete the data already collected.

In addition, Apple also had to explain why the data must be stored and whether the data stored in corporate servers. The commission also expressed readiness to form a team to study the information and privacy protection are more sophisticated for smartphone users.

Unfortunately, Apple spokesman Steve Park for South Korea, declined comment.

Not long ago revealed that the IOS operating system 4 for 3G iPhone and iPad able to supervise the movement of users by storing the user's location coordinates data.

Following this shocking news, Apple also had to undergo an investigation by regulators France, Germany and Italy.


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