May 18, 2011

How to Perform Hard Drive Data Recovery on PC

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Hard Drive Data Recovery
Talking about computer technology, indirectly will always be associated with files or data, but what if your important data files lost due to virus, hard disk damage, unforced errors (human error), etc. Sometimes a person who lost their important data will be willing to sacrifice everything, including paying more money for the data can be saved. One solution to overcome these problems is with perform hard drive data recovery.

Actually, loss of data can also be caused by physical damage to your hard disk, which is caused by the hard disk stress voltage is not stable or computer often die suddenly due to power outages and so forth, this is a very serious problem, because the disk's magnetic of the hard disks will be more difficult to repair, if any can will require very expensive and probably more expensive than the price of new hard disk. In this post will not discuss how to cope with lost files due to damage to the hard disk (physical), but discusses how to overcome the files lost due to virus or their own mistakes (human error).

Actually lost files due to virus or fault itself can be restored completely, but all of it back on the brand of your hard disk and the file extension. According to personal experience of the most difficult file extension is returned if it has been erased is a video file such as,. mpg,. wmv,. flv, etc..

Software that I recommend is the Easy Recover, this software has a good performance to recover lost data and hard drive data recovery, as evidenced by the long-lost data is still possible to be restored by the Recovery Easy software.

To purchase for the Recover Easy software, visit the following url, for the price, Easy Recover software is also fairly expensive when measured from the contents of my bag personally, for the version of Ontrack ® EasyRecovery ™ Professional 6.2 - Standard Edition you can get a price of about $499.00, but not only that the other version is also still a lot like Data Advisor ® 5.0 - Individual Edition this version is quite cheap compared to others, because the price is only $19.95.

If you are less confident with the software, please try Trial version by visiting the following url, in this trial version you can use it within 30 days.


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