May 20, 2011

How to Recover Lost Data or Damaged Hard Drive

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Hard Drive Data Recovery
If your hard drive suddenly not detected by windows or partitions of your hard drive suddenly broken. Power failure then the computer suddenly can not boot or computer infected by virus, no need to panic. There are several solutions to restore your important data.

However, damage to the hard drive that can be recovered, only the damage was not caused by physical defects on your hard drive. such as the loss of a hard drive partition tables and others that require the hard disk is reformatted. As for physical damage such as burns, broken, dented and so was still possible to repair damaged during which no data plate, only to need replacement parts that do exactly the same as the damaged components and is clearly very difficult, almost impossible even to say for ordinary people. and damage like this can usually be overcome by using the hard drive data recovery software.

Here are some of the hard drive data recovery solution that can be done alone and do not need an expensive cost:
  • Install the hard drive data recovery software.
  • There are many hard drive data recovery software available on the market. But there is also free, but most of the free data recovery software is not great and many failed except for cases of mild damage. For hard drive data recovery software, I recommend to use R-Studio. For an explanation of R-Studio can be found in the R-Studio Software For Your Hard Drive Data Recovery.
  • Perform Scanning of the beginning of the hard drive until the end. The larger hard drive, the more tedious job of this recovery.
  • Search and Recover files that are believed or at least suspected as the file you are looking for. Usually there are many versions, so check it all their versions until you can expect.
  • Note: If the software you use does not display many versions, it means the ability of the software is limited.
Hopefully these tips useful for you and those you helped.


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