May 25, 2011

INQ Mobile and Foursquare Develop Facebook Phone Android-based

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Facebook Phone Android
INQ Mobile phone vendors are rumored to be preparing INQ Cloud Touch phone as a Facebook Phone. This is because, this handheld device comes with Facebook integration is different from before.

To enrich the feature in the Facebook Phone, the INQ is ready to hold Foursquare to be present with rich applications but only a special present to the Facebook Phone. The facebook phone also uses the Android operating system.

The news was confirmed when INQ Mobile and Foursquare announced that they are collaborating on an initial experience in the INQ phones based on Android. Marriage mobile phones and location-based social networking services will help users better find and explore places through the Foursquare.

"Because it is built directly into the Android system, you can check in and explore even without additional applications," as written by Foursquare in its blog".

"Users will be able to shift back and forth between up and look forward Foursquare, depending on what they do, what they are looking for and who they want to connect with him," he said.


great! But not working today, frustrating cause I can't check in to where I've been.

some please tell me if it is possible to develop applications for the INQ chat 3G? I hate the way the smses are displayed, i would like to make it look it that of a messager app e.g. list all conversations with a specific contact and if possible under what platform, if the Brew platform available if not what compatibilities are there? Namibia

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