May 23, 2011

Sharp Android Phones will be Launched Globally

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Sharp Android Phones
Previous Sharp has launched three versions of Aquos Android Phone in Japan earlier this month, and they plan to launch a global scale. Similarly, as quoted from the IT Pro Portal on Monday (5/23/2011).

But until now the Sharp still has not revealed when and where the launch would take place. PC World had reported that Sharp had said that they will launch the first mobile phone in China.

Three models of Sharp Aquos phones that was released in Japan using the Android OS. One wore flip design, and the other two comes with a touch screen 3.7 and 4.2 inches. The model who wore flip design features a 16 MP camera, a display that supports 3D content and digital TV tuner.

The Aquos Phone also offers an HDMI connection for HD TVs and DLNA networking standard for devices such as Blu-Ray DVD player.


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