May 1, 2011

Samsung Expects to Sell 10 Million Galaxy S2

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samsung galaxy s2
Samsung Electronics unveiled the latest version of the smart phone Galaxy S in South Korea on Thursday (04/28/2011) yesterday. Despite facing fierce competition with other mobile phone vendors, Samsung optimistic can sell up to 10 million units.

The world's second largest mobile phone vendor will market the Galaxy's new S2 in any other country in early May. Seeing the success of the version of 'original', the president for the mobile business unit Jong Kyun Shin was confident enough to target sales numbers big enough.

"We think the sales could be as good as Galaxy S," Shin said confidently as quoted by the Straits Times, Friday (04/29/2011). For information, Galaxy S has sold over 14 million units since its launch last July 2010.

According to Shin, the second generation Galaxy S has a thinner design, consuming less energy and be able to run applications faster.

The launch of Galaxy S2 takes place in the middle of Samsung's legal war against Apple, where they trade accusations of patent infringement. Initially, Apple accused Samsung has just copied the design of the iPhone and iPad for their Galaxy product line.

Not to be outdone, Samsung and back sue Apple claiming the Cupertino-based company was doing five patent infringement through the courts in Seoul.


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