May 2, 2011

PlayStation Network Offline Until Next Week

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Playstation 3
PlayStation owners should be patient do not play games online at least until Wednesday next week, following a hacker attack against the service PlayStation Network (PSN), last week.

Sony said in a statement via his official blog, as quoted by the Telegraph, Friday (04/29/2011).

"Our employees have worked day and night in order to restore the operation of PSN as soon as possible. We hope to improve some services next week, starting on Wednesday."

PSN and music streaming service Qriocity been offline since 20 April, when the attack was known to the Sony. Japanese technology giant was then warned users that hackers had stolen personal data belongs to them, including name, home address, email address, birth date and password.

Sony claims this time it started to move the data infrastructure to the new location is more secure. "We want the public to understand that our new operation will restore the service after making sure that the network used is secure," added Sony.

Furthermore, Sony also revealed that the stolen data was not encrypted, as suspected computer security experts since the incident was first known.

"Personal data, which is a separate data set, not encrypted. But of course the data is stored in a sophisticated security system who are victims of cyber attacks that," added Sony again.

As a result of this attack, Sony did not just lose credibility as one of perusahaab technology leader, but also must face the anger users who feel aggrieved.

Some observers also deplored carelessness Sony technology in storing data of its users. Researchers untul University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory, Joseph Bonneau claims personal data, especially passwords, should be protected with encryption, as users usually use the same password for multiple services at once.

Bruce Schneiner as the chief security technology officer at British Telecom as well as cryptography expert agrees that statement and claimed that Sony should be more aware of it.


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